Project: Beauty Salon Sonhadora

Beauty Salon Sonhadora's desktop and mobile site

Problem & Solution

Beauty salon Sonhadora had an old website built in Flash. The website was doing poorly in the search engines, had music playing automatically, and could not be updated by the owner. In addition, the website did not work on mobile devices at all.

Furthermore, the owner owned a separate webshop for care products. She wanted to merge the two sites into one.

The new website automatically adjusts to the size of the screen where the site is viewed. All pages are now showing in the search engines, and customers come in.

The site also has an integrated booking system for the beauty treatments she offers, and the web shop is now fully integrated into the site.

Sample Pages

Beauty Salon Sonhadora: sample page 1

Beauty Salon Sonhadora: sample page 2

Beauty Salon Sonhadora: sample page 3

Beauty Salon Sonhadora: sample page 4

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What Sonhadora’s Sylvie Minheiro says

For six years I had a website and a webshop for my beauty salon, and I was not satisfied with that. I could not update the site myself, it did not have an online calendar, it was not visible on mobile phones or tablets (it was a Flash website …), and it was depressing me. Something had to change.

First, I started looking for someone who could do this for me, someone who could connect a good price with good communication. In the end, I was referred to Robin.

I sent Robin an email explaining my situation, and received word from him the same day. He asked all the right questions, came up with ideas that stimulated my brains and gave me more ideas for the website and webshop. There was even a piece of humor in his message.

A few weeks later, just before I went on summer vacation, we went over the ideas again, and I hired him. During my vacation we stayed in contact, and I could see the website being developed. I also liked the fact that Robin took the time to review and adapt my content where necessary. After some minor adjustments, in which we clearly stood open to each other’s opinion, the site became tright what I.

After my vacation, we dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, and the website went live on September 16th, 2015! My website looks so much better than I expected, it feels like me!

I’m very happy with the end result and receive great feedback about my new website! The site is visited often with mobile phones and tablets, bookings are made online, I even get bookings via WhatsApp; the company is much more visible than before!

I think it is important to clearly state how things work behind the screens. I now find it, thanks to Robin’s clear explanation, supercool to rearrange things, add reviews, and analyze my traffic. Very interesting!