Project: Kopos Massage Courses

Kopos' mobile and desktop site

Problem & Solution

The owner of Kopos offers various massage courses in Huizen and Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Five years ago, I replaced the old Kopos site with a new, logically built, and modern website in WordPress. Now the site has been refreshed, the layout has changed significantly, and the site is SSL protected.

The website is also optimized for use on mobile devices.

Sample Pages

Kopos: sample page 1

Kopos: sample page 2

Kopos: sample page 3

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What John van de Schoor of Kopos says

I am very pleased with the enormous patience, guidance, and commitment to the design (experience and insight), regarding the final product, my website.

A very good product!! Recommended to all!! Excellent customer focus.

Robin Roelofsen isn’t satisfied until the customer is satisfied! Thank you for that.