Project: Leren is Leuk

Leren is Leuk's mobiele en desktop site

Problem & Solution

Leren is Leuk (Learning is Fun) is a practice for remedial teaching, homework guidance, and training in Leiden.

The website of Leren is Leuk was created a couple of years ago using the site builder of the hosting company where the site was hosted. The website was satisfactory at that moment, but was outdated and was not optimized for mobile devices.

I rebuilt the site into a modern website using WordPress, which can now be easily updated by the owner. The photos were taken by a photographer at the initiative of the owner during a photo shoot specifically for the website (a first for me!).

The Leren is Leuk website has been optimized for for use on mobile devices, and secured with SSL.

Sample Pages

Leren is Leuk: voorbeeldpagina 1

Leren is Leuk: voorbeeldpagina 2

Leren is Leuk: voorbeeldpagina 3

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