Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Get Higher Rankings In Google

You want your site to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. That makes sense.

Search engine optimization – most commonly known under its abbreviation, SEO – helps you rank higher in the search engine results (serps), resulting in better visibility to your prospective clients.

Search engine optimization consists of three areas:

  1. Website optimization and pages called on-site optimization.
  2. Building external links to the site, called off-site optimization.
  3. Keyword analysis, which involves determining the most lucrative keywords, and trying to rank as high as possible in search engines with targeted content (texts and images).

I focus on the combination of on-site optimization and keyword analysis.

My strategy is to determine the most searched-for keywords in my client’s industry, and to optimize the content submitted by the client for those keywords. I can also write high-quality texts based on those keywords for the website.

In addition, I ensure a thorough structure of the website is set up, so all pages can be accessed by the search engines, and included in the search engine’s index.

I only use strictly legal methods to obtain a better placement – ranking – for your website in the search engines. This also means that your ranking will not be lost when the search engines decide to make an update to their algorithms to punish certain illegal methods.

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