Frans Kemper

For our organization, Longevity Specialisten Nederland, we were looking for a good, reliable partner for creating a representative website that would represent our mission and vision in an excellent way. We are working on a way to organize health care in a completely different future-proof manner.

During this search we were told to have a conversation with Robin Roelofsen. Robin immediately took the initiative for a personal interview after the first telephone contact. It became a conversation where Robin, after having listened carefully, came up with good ideas and solutions, such as setting up a multisite.

Robin delivered the first version of the multisite after 14 days already. The input for optimization of the site was implemented in no time, so that after a month, we got access to a multisite of which we are proud!

From the past, with the development and delivery of our previous site, we were very suspicious about commitments and accessibility in case of calamities. Robin immediately disproved this by setting up a ticket service and showing in practice that problems are solved in no time and to great satisfaction.

Robin works quickly and accurately, and where he sees opportunities, he is not afraid to do something extra or to do research for additional information.

We now have access to a fantastic multi-website, which unexpectedly and without extra effort generates valuable leads.