WordPress Website Care and Support Service

You know the drill. You have had a great website made, but it lost its glamour after a short while due to lack of website care.

Nobody ensures your website is online, the site is running the latest software, backups are made daily, new content is posted, changes to content are implemented quickly, and your website is being upgraded as needed.

I take caring for and supporting your WordPress website off your hands.

I offer three website care and support packages for your WordPress website:


All tariffs are excluding 21% VAT

WordPress website care and support tasks I offer

Daily controlled software updates

Every day I check whether there are new versions of WordPress and of the installed plugins, and update them on your website. I also ensure if the website still works as it should after the updates.

Daily backups to your cloud account

I make daily backups of the website to my own server and to your cloud account. If necessary, I can restore the site from backup.

Uptime Monitoring

Your site is being monitored 24 hours a day. If the site does not run, I will be warned, and I will ensure your website is brought back online.

Hands-on content maintenance

Don’t have time to keep track the content on your website? With hands-on content maintenance, I perform all content edits on your website for you, like:

  • Editing existing content and placing new content online
  • Replacing images and placing new images
  • Customizing page and post formatting
  • Check web texts for spelling and grammar

Remote support

Two-hour hands-on service also includes phone support or Skype support.


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